Spar Nutrition Zone goes live in time for European Athletics Championships in Zurich


Spar International is launching the online version of its popular Nutrition Zone in time for the European Athletics Championships in Zurich 2014 which begin 12 August 2014, where it is the principal sponsor.

Spar International trialed the newly developed website,, at the European Athletics Team Championships in Braunschweig in June, and an expanded and improved version of the site is now going live thanks to its huge success.

The website gives consumers advice and information about the importance of good and balanced nutrition – all in a fun and engaging way.

For example, there are pages of Fun Food Facts, a host of healthy recipe ideas from around the world, tips on healthy living, and information on what’s in the foods you eat.

There’s also plenty of fun for kids, with healthy eating-related games and colouring sheets available for children to download.

Penny van der Kaars, Spar International communications manager, said: “The Spar Nutrition Zone website aims to provide a thorough understanding of nutrition, suitable for both our current and future generations.

“The Zone has been developed to fit in with our ‘Growing our Brand’ strategy through sports sponsorship – and a vital part of that is healthy living.

“While the web platform has been designed primarily for Spar Partners, there’s plenty of fun, engaging and interactive information on the site that anyone can enjoy it,” she said.

“Spar International will continue to work closely on managing the website and developing it further, with help from the SPAR South Africa nutritionist, and recipe ideas that reflect our stores and retailers internationally,” she added.

Spar International is encouraging people of all ages to come along and visit the real-life Spar Nutrition Zone in Zurich, and at all major competitions including the Indoor Championships in Prague next March.

The Zone offers consumers advice and information about the importance of good and balanced nutrition and includes a throwing game to educate participants about the different food groups needed for a balanced diet in a fun way.