Spare Fruit becomes Spare Snacks with rebrand and positioning by The Clerkenwell Brothers


The snack brand, which turns unwanted fruit into air-dried crisps, appointed The Clerkenwell Brothers after a competitive pitch for its rebrand and positioning ahead of UK expansion this year.

In 2016, Spare Fruit (now Spare Snacks) started its mission to use fresh, ‘wonderfully wonky’ produce in its snacks. Now the brand – which makes air-dried fruit crisps available at Ocado, Planet Organic and Sourced Market – is expanding across the UK as consumer demand for healthy snacks with a good cause skyrockets.

Spare Snacks’ founder Ben Whitehead approached The Clerkenwell Brothers for the rebrand, and to digitally test their messaging framework for new customers and retailers.

Since discovering how much fruit and veg goes to waste in his teens, Ben started to save unwanted produce and experimented with dehydrating them himself. After two years in production as Spare Fruit, the brand’s redesign has focused on identifying new contrasting colours for the six flavour packs. The Clerkenwell Brothers also worked to develop the brand’s new positioning, logo, packaging, website and advertising assets.Dale Rogers, strategy director at The Clerkenwell Brothers, says: “This was an interesting brand to work with, particularly in terms of positioning. They had achieved great success focusing on saving surplus produce, within a niche community. However, we wanted to test how relevant this was to the masses. The product is certainly healthy, but in terms of hierarchy that was communicated last.”

He continued: “We carried out qualitative and quantitative research which concluded that health and taste were more important than ethics. We flipped the message hierarchy to focus on health first, then taste, with ethics being moved to back of pack. We took these findings and turned them into messaging routes which we then tested digitally. This influenced our decision for on-pack USPs.”

Commenting on the project, Whitehead says: “We are blown away with the result; a fresh identity that expresses our values, stands bold in a busy market place and makes us accessible to much broader audiences. It really lands what we’re about to businesses and consumers – doing things differently whilst making people smile. It’s great to see it on many more shelves already.”