Startle’s like-for-like sales growth brings about record profits


Startle, the specialist in creating unique music and technology experiences for hospitality and retail brands, is reporting 61% like-for-like revenue growth in 2019, hitting £2.3m.

These figures saw the company become profitable for the first time after just three years in operation, passing the £0.5m mark.

Adam Castleton, CEO of Startle, said: “I’m extremely proud of the growth that we are continuing to achieve at Startle. Operators are realising that music plays a hugely important role in the overall customer experience at their venues and, with customer expectations and competition increasing, getting the music right has a real impact on their bottom line.

“As we combine music with other technologies, such as digital screens and lighting, and drive these with live data from CRM and WiFi providers, the results can be truly exponential.”

Last year, Startle launched Relentless Support, its 24/7 customer support department. Through this service, Startle promises a response to all queries within 30 minutes, with a three-hour resolution period. It’s most recent 100 requests are published live on its website, where the current average response time is 1min 43 secs with an average resolution time of 16mins 17secs.

Castleton continued: “We’ve worked extremely hard to streamline our operations and motivate our team, enabling us to grow while not only maintaining but improving the level of service our customers receive. In fact, our average response time to customer queries in 2019 was 2min 15sec (down 32 seconds from 2018), with support satisfaction levels at 95.9% and customer retention at 94.72%.

“This year, Startle will launch Studio, a new cloud software for managing music and technology across multi-site venues. Studio will be compatible with all existing customers and will come complete with enhanced features, such as a marketplace with third-party apps, plugins and integrations to further enhance the environment and provide an entertaining, connected experience for consumers.”

Studio will be launching later this year.