Summer 2018 was the most expensive ever for Brits, reports


The summer of 2018 – with record-breaking hot weather, a royal wedding and the World Cup – saw Brits shell out just under £400 per person on going out.

The Office of National Statistics has reported that the UK’s gross domestic product went up in line with the temperature as people ate and drank more all summer long.

Now research by has revealed the full extent of people’s productivity away from work as they splashed the cash on trips to beer gardens, socialising, entertaining, barbecues and days out.

Socialising with friends in the pub took top spot, accounting for an average of £45 per week, followed by attending or hosting barbecues (£25 weekly), World Cup themed events (£27 per week) and attending events associated with the Royal Wedding (£15 per week).

The average amount spent was an impressive £384, with one in 11 people spending more than £1,000 in the period from June to August.

England’s run to the semi-finals of the World Cup was given as the reason for so much spending by one in eight of those surveyed, compared to last summer, when there were no major sporting events and the British summer reverted to its usual, damp and drizzly self.

The long weeks of hot sunshine accounted for higher spending by almost half of those surveyed (43 per cent).

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that retailers were the main contributors to the rate of expansion in the UK economy.

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Ian Cowley, managing director of, says: “Warm weather and the World Cup provided such a feelgood factor for the country this summer that everyone had to enjoy it.

“Worries such as Brexit were temporarily forgotten in favour of going to the beer garden to watch England’s next game.

“However, now the seasons have changed, it means serious budgeting has to take place to ensure everyone can have the Christmas they want, too.”