Superdrug launches office fitness video as Brits blame workplace for giving up on new year resolutions


After putting on almost half a stone on average over the holidays, losing weight and getting in shape were unsurprisingly the top New Year’s resolution for the majority of women in Britain (52%). However, according to research from leading health and beauty retailer Superdrug, 38% will have packed in these fitness ambitions before January is out.

Aside from ‘gym-phobia’ and peer pressure, the office is seen as one of the key culprits in derailing the fitness resolution, with a third (32%) of women polled by Superdrug blaming “being stuck behind a desk”, “not getting out of the office on time” and “giving in to tempting office treats” for ending their ambitions to get active and shift the pounds.

With so many fingers pointed at the workplace as a den of inactivity, Superdrug has teamed up with fitness blogging sensation Faya Nilsson to prove that the office and fitness actually can mix. The Fitness On Toast blogger has developed the Workplace Workout: an online office-based fitness video. And with 62% of women saying they’d be up for exercising at work if they knew what to do, Faya’s workout could be just the answer.

Nilsson said: “It’s brilliant that so many people are setting positive goals to improve their health and confidence. Let’s face it though, we all know there are no quick fixes, and keeping in shape takes commitment. The exercises we’ve developed are fun but effective and most importantly blast those ‘stuck at work’ excuses out of the water! Even if you’re in an office all day, there’s loads you can do to keep moving and motivated – and the best bit is you’ll feel more positive and energetic too.”


Lose the keyboard crunch!

Hours spent at your desk hunched over a desk aren’t just draining – they can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain too. So take the opportunity when you step away from your screen to open out your collarbone. Use a resistance band to deepen the stretch – a great bit of gear that will fit in any desk drawer.

Squat and press print

An exercise that’s doable any time you get a moment to stand up (perhaps while you’re waiting for a document to print) is the squat and press – great for targeting those leg muscles. You can improve on it by picking up a couple of small weighted objects or a pair of dumbells if you can stash them behind the printer paper!

Keeping a low profile

Believe it or not, some exercises can be kept under wraps, and this is one of them. To start toning, simply lift your heels and hold for a moment before slowly lowering. Repeat until the agenda wraps up, or the calves tire. For more resistance you can always strap on some ankle/wrist weights or place a stack of books on your lap.

Dial-in to your abs

When it comes to conference calls, take advantage of the fact you can’t be seen by others dialing in! It’s a great opportunity to do some sit ups – you can make it tougher by sitting on a fitness ball. Just don’t forget to put your phone on mute…

Dunking those triceps

So you’ve managed to tear yourself away from your inbox to fix up a brew, well done. Incidentally, the time it takes for the kettle to boil is just long enough to work on those “bingo wings” with some tricep dips. The lower the surface the harder you’ll work… (And the more water you put in the kettle, the longer you’ll have for reps!)

Michael Henry, healthcare director at Superdrug, said: “Superdrug offers a huge range of products and services to help customers who want to lose weight, get fitter, and improve their confidence and body image. Whether you need advice and one-to-one time with a healthcare professional, a wide variety of fitness equipment or a range of nutrition and weight management products, we have something to suit all lifestyles and goals.”

Superdrug’s latest fitness and weight management range features:

  • Exercise equipment
  • Joint supports
  • Sports protein
  • Meal replacement products
  • Diet and fitness supplements