Tesco launches social wine selling campaign in run-up to Christmas and New Year celebrations



Tesco is launching word-of-mouth social selling campaign aimed at online customers with an appetite for fine wine, just in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Well-known for its award-winning own label wine range, Tesco said it is now seeking to harness the social networks of fine wine connoisseurs to highlight the fact it also stocks some of the finest top of the range wines. Wine lovers have an exclusive opportunity to acquire a case of Château Léoville Las Cases 2009, worth £1,350, and reduce the price by up to 26% by sharing the deal with fellow ‘amateurs des vins’.

The latest in a series of co-buy deals that Tesco has run in partnership with social selling expert Buyapowa, this is claimed to be the supermarket’s ‘most extravagant co-buy ever,’ and will test online wine buyers’ propensity to share high-end offers with friends and family on social media. The deal is open for a very limited period and for a limited number of cases.

Nick Juby, commercial manager for wine by the case at Tesco, said: “At Tesco, we want to push boundaries and go beyond using social just as a means to market to our fans and followers, but actually use it to power social retail: helping people to shop where they socialise, to buy things with their friends, to access offers and exclusives via viral networks, and to influence the price and nature of products with their collective, social voice. This is particularly important for wine, where wine lovers often know and socialise with people who share their tastes. We believe that this is especially so for top of the range fine wines, and view this promotion as an ideal opportunity to drive awareness of our upmarket wine range.”

“On average, over 50% of our co-buy customers are referred by friends and family on social media, which shows how powerful social selling can be. We’re excited to see how our latest – and most ambitious – deal is received by our customers today.”

Gideon Lask, CEO and founder at Buyapowa, said: “Tesco is using the tools, language and behaviour of social media to reinvent the way customers interact with and, ultimately, how they shop with Tesco. Its social co-buying channel gives customers a much greater say in the way deals are generated, delivered and enjoyed. Above all, it gets social audiences shopping. This is a really exciting development for Tesco and Buyapowa.”