The Artful Baker turns traditional biscotti beliefs on their head


This June sees the arrival of The Artful Baker, a pioneering British fine biscuit emissary looking to bring some much needed wow to any fine biscuit fixture that’s worryingly light on sweet/savoury snacks that taste as good as homemade.

‘Untethered biscuity joy’ has been in short supply these last few years, an unwitting  victim of  depressingly dull biscuit fixtures that simply fail to appreciate the distances any biscuit must now go to be noticed in a world where munching idle calories are openly frowned upon.

According to Artful Baker spokesperson Anne, ‘biscuits of tomorrow’ must feel deliciously decadent and a worthwhile break from any day-to-day eating regime.   Whether we’re talking coffee break, a light snack or celebrating a gathering of friends and family, any biscuit of note must have the capacity to make hearts skip.’

As it happens The Artful Baker doesn’t do half-hearted biscuit recipes, which explains why the search for best-in-class ingredients (Valencian Orange, Kalamata Olives…) is the top priority.  There’s also the small matter of breaking down historical biscuit barriers, by competing down both the sweet and savoury biscuit aisles whilst shattering the tired old biscotti myth that only Nile Crocodiles or humans with exceptionally strong bites can truly appreciate a rugged, twice-baked biscotti.  As it happens these  biscotti are made in such a way that anyone can tuck in (slim enough to be easily devoured yet sufficiently upholstered to accommodate even the chunkiest inclusion). 

More than anything The Artful Baker believes in unrushed biscuit appreciation, which is why their focus is on biscuits that are too delicious to be wolfed down or held captive in an only ‘occasionally  visited’ biscuit tin. 

SAVOURY BISCOTTI NIBBLES include: Wild Garlic & Chives, Caramelised Red Onion Marmalade & Pesto, Sweet Chilli & Lime and Kalamata Olives and Oregano

SWEET BISCOTTI THINS include: Salted Caramel, Belgian Dark Choc & Hazlenuts, Raspberries & White Choc, Rich, Dark Belgian Choc & Californian Almonds and Valencian Orange, Pistachios and Cardamom.