The Danone of the World yogurts launched


The Danone of the World range

Danone launches The Danone of the World, a new brand range of five yogurts and fermented milks inspired by authentic recipes from regions around the world with a rich history of yogurt making.

The diverse The Danone of the World range includes;

       A natural, thick and creamy Greek-inspired Straggisto yogurt (140g, RRP £1)
       A natural, fat-free and high protein Icelandic-inspired Skyr yogurt (140g, RRP £1)
       A deliciously mild and natural Lebanese-inspired Laban yogurt, (250g, RRP of £1.50)
       A refreshing, Indian-inspired Lassi drink with a subtle sweetness (250g, RRP of £1.50)
       A distinctively savoury Turkish-inspired Ayran drink, (250g, RRP of £1.50)

Corinne Chant, innovation incubator director, explains: “we’re incredibly proud of this range and delighted to bring it to the UK market. Yogurt has been recognised for centuries across many cultures of the world as a delicious food source. We wanted to share this rich heritage with UK consumers, taking inspiration from some of the world’s best yogurt recipes.

The Danone of the World yogurts and fermented milks have been carefully developed to tap into diverse consumer tastes and interests. We see this as a real market growth opportunity for retailers, as it reminds us all of the unique heritage of the category and it aims to promote diversity and open the doors to yogurt consumption for consumers.”