The tremendous contribution of Alejandro Betancourt towards the revolution of Hawkers


Hawkers is an international Spanish brand in Elche, which majors in selling sunglasses. It was established in December 2013 by the brothers Alejandro Moreno and David Moreno in conjunction with Pablo Sanchez and Inaki Soriano. The company is part of Saldum Venture group which is under the management of Alejandro Betancourt. Betancourt is a Venezuelan businessman and is the current president of Saldum Venture group.

Hawkers Company is among the most prominent new sunglass generation. Its sunglasses are renowned for ultra-light, resistance, super-quality, and poly-carbon frame. It’s currently the benchmark of the sunglass industry. One of the most trending debates has been the signing of Apple which was done in 2017. The signing was initiated by Diego Sebastian who was in charge of the retail area of Hawkers. According to reliable sources, he resigned from Hawkers in December last year.

Alejandro Betancourt’s new strategic move

This year has been characterised by incredible changes in new faces, which have brought revolution into the company. These transformations were initiated by Nacho Puig, who is the current CEO, after Francisco Perez, the first executive. Betancourt appointed Puig in his attempt to improve his management team and introduce a change in strategy.

The appointment of Puig as the CEO is a strategic move aimed at skyrocketing Hawkers’ performance and production. The primary goal is to ensure that the Spanish company becomes an internationally renowned fashion company in sunglasses and optics industry. Puig is entrusted with the implementation of the strategic plan due to his vast experience in strategic management. He is also an international expert in strategic brand projects, highly recognised in both fashion and sports industry.

Hawkers’ implementation of professionalisation process

Hawkers has clearly stated that it has decided to implement these changes after operating a strategic consultancy. The ideal plan is to initiate a professionalisation operation where it will clearly outline its online business model, develop its offline business model, promote and enhance its structure, and also ensure that the firm becomes internationally recognised. On the internet, customers can now access its products through its official website Alejandro Betancourt, which it has made the primary sales channel.

These measures have been triggered by the situation in which Hawkers was in 2018, after the resignation of some top executives, huge losses and expenses. Unfortunately, there has been no remarkable improvement since but there is great hope in the appointment of Puig. He stands the best chance to change and revert this situation. This is one of Betancourt’s (the majority shareholder of Hawkers) critical changes in the management team. 

The primary objective of Alejandro Betancourt

The primary objective of Betancourt is to implement various operations that will lead to the improvement of the Hawkers brand and increase sales. It’s important to note that Hawkers brand of sunglasses is one of the top three most prominent. Besides, it has high demand in the market. This move is believed to be efficient and that it will bear positive results. It is yet yet to be seen how Puig will handle his task but so far the signs are good.