Toshiba and Eagle Eye partner to offer retailers seamless digital customer platform


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) a world leading provider of integrated in-store solutions, today announced it has partnered with Eagle Eye Solutions (Eagle Eye), a leading UK supplier of digital customer engagement solutions, to provide a seamless system for retailers to deliver and track coupons, rewards, gifts, payments and other digital tokens through any media and redeemed securely and immediately in any channel.               

The award-winning Eagle Eye platform provides four key components – campaign marketing, issuance, redemption and reporting – which allow offers and rewards to be delivered in a timely, relevant and compelling way, the company claims. Integrating with TGCS completes the digital loop, providing real-time performance information about issuance and redemption success.

The benefits of the integration with Toshiba’s Storepay system for the retailer include more effective shopper engagement, increased loyalty, the elimination of fraud and lower operating costs, said Eagle Eye. It also provides the retailer with improved insights into consumer activity which can be used in future digital marketing campaigns to personalise offers.

Consumers can receive their offers and rewards through SMS, email and in app push notifications. Upon receiving their unique code consumers can redeem them easily at the POS, either in store or online, via keyed entry, scan or NFC making for a seamless consumer journey. 

Andrew Carr, UKI business director, TGCS, said: “The integration of the Eagle Eye platform with Storepay provides an innovative addition to our POS solution which will enable our retail clients to track digital tokens in real time, providing unique opportunities to deliver personalised and targeted promotions to customers, increasing loyalty and footfall.”

Steve Rothwell, CEO, Eagle Eye, said: “It’s a great endorsement working with TGCS and integrating into their Storepay system. Completing the loop between issuance and redemption opens up huge opportunities to retailers. They will be able to have more control and visibility over campaign performance, allowing for true media accountability, as well as protect the business against voucher fraud.”