TouchNote rebrands to be the most thoughtful way to keep in touch

TouchNote, the world’s most popular postcard-sending service, is unveiling a distinctive new personality which puts thoughtfulness at the heart of the brand. The redesign to support TouchNote’s new strategy was led by London-based agency Big Fish.

The unveiling of the rebrand is the culmination of a year-long project which included extensive research with TouchNote’s customers. A common theme emerging from these interviews was that customers use TouchNote as an easy and fun way to be thoughtful. This inspired the brand’s new ‘thoughtful’ bubble logo and the new tagline ‘keep in TouchNote’.

The rebrand will see TouchNote transition towards a more accessible, emotional and long-lasting method of communication, with thoughtful products to send and share. The redesign is the first stage, whilst additional features and products will be launched to complement and reinforce the company’s new identity.

TouchNote CEO Oded Ran said: “In today’s digital world, where social media is used to broadcast moments to everyone, the one-to-one personal touch is often missing. But when people send a TouchNote, they’re thinking about doing something lovely for someone else – whether it’s sending a favourite photo that will make them burst out laughing or a really thoughtful note that will make them smile when they need it most.

“That’s why we took a lot of time to ask the people who send a TouchNote why it matters to them. They told us that, above all else, TouchNote gives them a fun and thoughtful way to keep in touch with their loved ones. We are well known for making it a feel-good and seamlessly easy experience for them, and the new look is now making that moment extra special.”

The new ‘thoughtful bubble’ TouchNote logo has a heart in place of the first letter ‘o’ and was designed with the idea that people using the app are thinking about doing something nice for someone they care about. The logo is black and white, with TouchNote’s new primary brand colour of teal featuring on the heart. Teal was chosen as a vibrant colour and, through the research, was found to have universal appeal across ages and genders.

The redesigned branding will be seen in the apps, on the website and products later this month. In addition to the new logo and colours, TouchNote is also introducing a more traditional-looking stamp, along with colourful new greeting cards and envelopes.

Perry Haydn Taylor, Big Fish founder and creative director, commented: “TouchNote is such a thoughtful way of keeping in touch with someone. So, when the team asked us to help make their offer even more rewarding for their customers, we suggested they made the look and feel of their brand as thoughtful as their product. Simple really! So, we turned the previous stamp-shaped logo into a hand drawn “thoughtful bubble”, used handwriting instead of a formal typeface and introduced some uplifting, stylish new colours to reflect the fun, human and considerate nature of the brand.”