Verbatim introduces LED lamps for energy-saving retail lighting

New energy efficient lighting for retailers

New energy efficient lighting for retailers

Verbatim has added five products to its range of energy-friendly LED lamps. 

The new lamps are targeted at retail shop environments and are reported to offer a typical operating life of 25,000 hours, or around 25 times that of conventional incandescent bulbs.

According to Verbatim, the LED PAR30 12W and LED PAR38 17.7W lamps are E27 retrofit alternatives to conventional 75W and 100W PAR lamps and offer energy savings of approximately 80%. 

They have luminous flux of 580 lumens and 800 lumens respectively. 

A new Classic A lamp with E27 fitting is rated at 9W with 440 lumens luminous flux. It is designed to replace 40W incandescent bulbs. All of these lamps operate from 220-240VAC.

Two new 12V (AC or DC) lamps are available with a narrow 25-degree beam angle for object lighting and accent lighting. The first is a 16W, 610 lumen, LED AR111 replacement for conventional 50W AR111 lamps with a G53 fitting. The second is an MR16, GU5.3 6W lamp with 225 lumens output that replaces 20W halogen reflector types.

All of these lamps are warm white, 2700K, with a minimum colour rendering index (CRI) of 80. They are economically attractive due to the energy savings that are realised and their exceptionally long service life, claims the company.

In Europe, lighting in homes and businesses accounts for about 20% of all electricity consumption, so conversion to LED lighting has a significant impact on enegy usage and carbon footprint, Verbatim said. 

Unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which contain mercury, LED lamps do not contain hazardous materials.