Virgin Media Mobile Events chooses Cervello for pop-up stores

Barron McCann’s PAYG Epos Solution Cervello has been selected for use in two of Virgin Media Mobile Events new concept pop-up stores .

The pop-up stores will offer visitors the opportunity to experience Virgin Media’s relaxed and informal customer-focused approach to retailing whilst at an event. Part of this experience will be due to the deployment of a mobile POS solution, enabling staff to process transactions via their tablets whilst interacting and engaging with customers.

In order to facilitate the delivery of mobile POS, Virgin Media Mobile Events has opted to use ‘Pay As You Go’ Epos solution Cervello, which will be loaded onto Dell tablets and will run on the Windows platform.  It is also expected that staff will be able to use Cervello via Android mobile devices too.

Claimed to be the only flexible Pay As You Go retail software solution in the marketplace, Cervello is a browser-based retail system, which has the ability to integrate data from multiple retail sites and present it seamlessly through one single interface. Cervello can usually be loaded onto existing equipment and trading with it can commence immediately.

Virgin Media Mobile Events is following in the footsteps of Pringle, who selected Cervello for the launch of its concept store in London, where it has removed all of their traditional tills and replaced them with android tablets and intelligent printers. Cervello is suitable for Windows, Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Coralie Smith, mobile programme manager at Virgin Media Mobile Events, said: “We were looking for a mobile POS solution that was easy to use and gave our staff the ability to quickly and effectively process transactions in a pop-up store environment. Cervello ticked all the boxes for us in terms of a ready to deploy solution and we are anticipating a great response from our pop-up store staff.”

Scott Storey, who heads up the Cervello projects at Barron McCann, said: “Cervello is an innovative and highly flexible solution which, with the increasing demand for cross-platform POS deployment, has more relevance in the retail scene than ever before. As a leading force in innovation, Barron McCann is delighted that Cervello is helping to serve the needs of retailers like Virgin Media Mobile Events. It’s perfect for retailers who need a reliable, easy to use Epos solution for their pop-up operations.”