Vista Retail Support: 73% of UK consumers say personalised offers boost in-store spending for Valentine’s Day

73% of UK consumers will spend more in stores on Valentine’s Day if they receive personalised offers via their smartphones, while 54% believe that hyper-local promotions relating to stores or localities will also increase their romantic expenditure, research from Vista Retail Support shows.

75% of UK consumers surveyed say they prefer to visit a retail store or supermarket to purchase goods and gifts for their other half on Valentine’s Day, compared with only 19% preferring to shop online.

“The high-street is clearly still thriving as consumers with romance on their minds continue to prefer buying in-store rather than online,” said James Pepper, technical services director at Vista Retail Support.

“Technology such as the smartphone is now a driving force that increases consumer spending. Personalised or local promotions are great ways for retailers to get their customers to spend more around seasonal events like Valentine’s Day.”

The survey also revealed that 77% of consumers spend no more than £20 for gifts on Valentine’s Day, with flowers and chocolates the most-purchased items, each selected by 70% of respondents. When it comes to paying, cash is no longer king, with more than six-out-of-ten (62%) saying that contactless cards are their preferred payment method.

“Consumers expect contactless payment technology to be in bricks-and-mortar stores,” added Pepper. “Only 7% of consumers in our survey opted to use cash to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts, there is a real shift by consumers to go cashless in this country.”