VK rebrands ready to drink range and adds innovative fruit flavours and glitter

VK: new look range and new flavours

VK: new look range and new flavours

VK has rebranded its RTD (ready to drink) range and introduced innovative fruit flavours as well as glitter.

According to the brand, single fruit flavours have been blasted into the past with its new flavour revolution.

Global Brands marketing director, Simon Green, said: “VK is single-handedly steering the RTD category into the 21st Century with a new range of premium flavours.

“RTDs are declining having lost relevance to consumers, but remain important as they hold a world of untapped possibility. The category is still worth £200m to the off-trade, so RTDs are more than worth an investment in innovation. Simple extensions of obvious colours and flavours are no longer enough, as other categories like soft drinks and flavoured ciders have shifted the goalposts, embracing premium taste trends. Complex fruit flavours continue to be at the heart of consumer interest, and RTDs are ideally placed to take a bite of this.

“Our entire rebrand of the range encompasses the launch of five new innovative fruit flavours, unique in the RTD category: Apple and Mango, Orange and Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Lime, Tropical Fruits and Black Cherry. In a taste test of consumers aged 18-24, 94% preferred the new flavours.

“It’s not solely about the fruit, however – our most popular flavour, Blue, will remain the same, whilst Ice becomes Ice Storm, infused with edible glitter to push the premium, glitter trend into the RTD category, offering the off-trade a unique selling point to particularly boost festive sales.

“Packaged in our completely rebranded, distinctive bottles, the new VK provides an exclusive and premium choice. VK is the first and only traditional RTD to create a premium 21st Century experience for 21st Century consumers.

“As the number one student and fastest growing RTD, there wouldn’t be a better brand to lead the multi-dimensional flavour revolution!”

The new VK will be hitting the trade from October 2013.