Walkers forecasts weather on crisp packets with augmented reality app

Augmented reality weather forecasts on crisp packets

Augmented reality weather forecasts on crisp packets

Walkers has launched crisp packets featuring augmented reality weather forecasts, which consumers can view via a free app from Blippar.

Smart phone users can download and open the free app, hover it over the packet and see the weather forecast for today and tomorrow appear instantly on their phone screen. They can then share the forecasts with their friends via their social networks. 

According to Walkers, the forecast is updated in real-time so users can always be guaranteed to get the latest information. The feature will be available throughout August and September from all packets of Walkers crisps.

Adam Warner, Walkers senior brand manager, said: “All of our Walkers’ potatoes come from Britain so we’re only too aware how important the weather is and how obsessed we can get about it. Blippar’s platform is a great way of giving our customers useful info and does it in a playful way that fits with what Walkers stands for. We think Walkers fans are going to love it.” 

Jess Butcher, co-founder at Blippar, said: “This is a really clever blipp that makes the most of the real-time nature of our platform and provides something that’s genuinely useful for customers – especially given how our weather seems to change several times a day.

‘“Dynamic blipps like this that deliver up-to-the-minute information show off what’s most valuable and unique about our app, and they’re also important as a way of driving repeat usage which will ultimately help the behaviour of blipping become natural for people.”