Wanzl acquires largest shopping trolley manufacturer in North America


Wanzl Group has acquired North America’s largest shopping trolley manufacturer, the Cari-All/Technibilt Group. 

Wanzl has held a minority stake in the US Group since mid-2006. After more than five years of co-operation, it has increased its stake to 100%. The deal took effect from 17 January 2012.

As a result, the largest and most successful shopping trolley manufacturer in North America has come under the umbrella of the Wanzl Group. 


The Cari-All/Technibilt Group specialises in shopping trolley production. The Group manufactures its products predominantly in Newton, North Carolina, USA. 

The company’s entire metal production process takes place at this site, including surface treatment and assembly for shopping trolleys. 

The company also has a facility in Montreal, Canada, for plastic production for shopping trolley components (castors, etc.); as well as production for third-party customers on a small scale.

The Group employs around 330 co-workers in Newton and Montreal. 

Focus on US market 

According to Wanzl, the Cari-All/Technibilt Group provides an excellent addition to the Wanzl Group because of its focus on the North American market, where Wanzl has historically had a limited presence.

North America is also home to 13 retailers with the highest turnovers in the world, which is why this market is extremely significant, Wanzl said.

According to the company, the acquisition of Cari-All/Technibilt will be a great challenge for the Wanzl family business, but also provides an opportunity in terms of expanding the Group’s global presence.