Wanzl business re-manufactures shopping trolleys to cut retail costs

Barber: cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative

Barber: cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative

Storetec, a Wanzl-owned company, has established a niche business re-manufacturing shopping trolleys plus other steel retail fixtures and fittings.

According to the company, the process provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to new products.

Last year, the company reports it re-manufactured over 50,000 shopping trolleys for UK retailers. It is now applying the process to a wide variety of standard equipment items.

Managing director Tony Barber says since Storetec was established in 2002, the demand for more carbon efficient manufacture and tougher economic times had helped create a growing market for its Reviva branded products.

Based in Derbyshire, growth has enabled the company to invest £3m in a new plant and equipment at a larger facility at Tibshelf, close to the M1.

“As a result, we believe we have helped hard-pressed retailers across the UK save money on store and equipment refurbishments while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint,” said Barber.

According to the company, the Reviva process is an innovative method of revitalising retired steel and wire retail assets in a way which reduces CO2 emissions and eliminates the raw material and energy costs associated with new manufacture.

“About 1.5 kg of CO2 is produced in the manufacture of 1 kg of new steel – by eliminating this need on the products we have re-manufactured we estimate we have saved over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 since 2005,” said Barber.

“Commercially, this makes good sense as the original life of the asset is significantly extended. And with a choice of colours, textures and finishes available through our powder-coat and electro-plate processes an entirely new look for a store can be achieved without need for new fabrication.”

Barber said idependent salt-spray tests have provided convincing evidence Reviva brand products compete favourably with comparable new imports from Europe and usually provide superior corrosion resistance to those from the Far East.

Barber said the Reviva philosophy was founded in the rejection of the throw-away consumer society.

“So much of what could be re-used is simply disposed of, incurring the CO2 penalties of manufacturing all-new goods. The Reviva process is carbon and energy efficient and helps to reduce scrap,” he said.

“We would be delighted if more UK retailers discovered there is now a viable, high volume alternative to buying new equipment and would welcome them to our premises at Tibshelf to see for themselves just how we achieve the quality, environmental and cost benefits which Reviva has to offer,” he said.


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