WatchShop to time new X Factor auditions


WatchShop: X Factor tie u

WatchShop: X Factor tie u

Online watch retailer,, is supplying the X Factor production team with wristwatches for the auditions for the show, which start in London this weekend (5 March 2011).

WatchShop is providing the team with Casio Retro Chronograph watches to log their filmed footage of the hopeful contenders for editing purposes, before the final cuts are veiwed later on air in 2011.

“We were contacted by the production team and were glad to supply the watches,” said director of Kishore Naib. “We think it’s a great opportunity to assist the team as they develop this iconic series.

“The X Factor production team need a sturdy and reliable digital watch and the Casio seemed to fit the bill,”  Naib said.

By providing the watches to the TalkBack Thames production team, will appear on the X Factor Web pages, with further competitions planned when the new series launches later in the year.