Wealmoor opens up new horizons through Sunshine deal


Wealmoor, a leading, family owned supplier of fresh exotic fruit and speciality vegetables in the UK, has acquired Sunshine, one of the biggest exporters of mango and frozen avocado in Peru. The deal has been made in partnership with major local Peruvian producer Limones Piuranos.

The new independent ownership and structure of Sunshine will allow it to build on its reputation of being Peru’s leading mango exporter with Wealmoor’s priorities being very much focused on building further long term value for its customers and grower base.

Avnish Malde, CEO of Wealmoor, said: “We are an independent family business and eager to develop our relationship with Sunshine in partnership with Limones Puiranos. We have worked together for many years in providing the best quality mangoes to our customers and we are looking forward to strengthening and helping create linear and integrated relationships with Sunshine’s current and future global customer base.

“Our aim has always been to provide local farmers with a route to market with world class product and with Sunshine; it will help us to be closer to the customer by providing them with what they want. We are very confident and excited by what the future holds.

“In addition to our mango operations in West Africa and grower partnerships worldwide, we are confident this deal offers further scope to really add further value to our customers’ agendas.”

Joaquin Balarezo, GM of Sunshine, said: “We are very excited about the future of Sunshine with Wealmoor and Limones and this new ownership structure provides us with a platform to accelerate our global aspirations.

“We already have a great relationship with our worldwide customer base and it is our intention to increase our ground roots association with primary agriculture, which offers huge potential.

“We are confident this new deal will give us the ability to build on our reputation of being a high quality supplier and improve our innovation capability.”

Miguel Fossa, who with Juan Francisco Helguero owns Limones Piuranos, a major local farming business with 1,200 hectares of limes and mangoes production in Peru, said: “This new deal provides us with a great opportunity to strengthen our route to market. It will also provide us the chance to work closely with Sunshine’s local farmers and to build on the good work that has been carried out by the team. We want to ensure we continue to sustainably enhance the offer that has been so successful in delivering, high quality customers to customers.”

Wealmoor is one of the foremost UK produce businesses with farming interests worldwide and has worked with Sunshine for 23 years.

As part of the acquisition, the Wong family will retain some of their shareholding of Sunshine as an endorsement of the deal.