Website Builder Expert provides visual analysis into importance of consumer reviews for each generation


With nearly 95% of shoppers reading online reviews before making a purchase, the importance for businesses to have a robust and solid review strategy is irrefutable. Website Builder Expert has taken a deep dive into how different generations shop and leave reviews online.

Key analysis includes:

  • Gen Zs and Millennials need 4.5x more reviews to feel confident enough to trust a product online than Boomers
  • Gen Zs and Millennials spend double the amount of time reading product reviews before making a decision than Boomers
  • Gen Zs and Millennials wrote 120% more reviews than Boomers
  • Boomers are almost 4x less likely to spend with a business with 1-2 stars than Gen Zs and Millennials

The analysis also provides brands and businesses with crucial insights and actionable tips on engaging with consumers to ensure better reviews, and how to resolve customer issues and turn negative reviews into positive ones.