Weight Watchers unveils new packaging to help consumers make smarter choices


Weight Watchers, the world’s leading provider of commercial weight management services, is helping people to make smarter purchasing decisions with a packaging refresh across its entire retail and in-meeting product range.

Adapting to a change in consumer needs from a diet mindset to embracing a healthier lifestyle, the brand new look and feel packaging will be rolled out gradually with more than 170 product skus across 30 categories available by January 2017.

The new pack design, which has been developed by Honey Creative, will incorporate a SmartPoints value, Weight Watchers latest programme innovation, and clear calorie and nutritional information, making it simple for consumers to select a healthier option when faced with what can often be a mine field of confusing messaging.

The packaging refresh incorporates a much more modern, fresh look and feel to drive taste and modernity and challenge healthy eating perceptions. A strong blue ‘envelope’ and brand seal aims to create visual identity in store and improve standout on shelf. The change will also create consistency across retail and in-meeting products.

Commenting on the refresh, Mark Simmons, Weight Watchers commercial director, said: “Healthy eating is increasingly on consumer’s agendas but with the number of messages about what you should and shouldn’t eat and what is and isn’t good for you increasing day by day, people can be left feeling very confused. Weight Watchers is a beacon in this cluttered environment.

“The SmartPoints value and nutritional information on pack nudge people to make heathier choices and the fresh look and feel is modern and eye catching with delicious food photography, making people feel good about the food choices they are making.

“The move to SmartPoints earlier this year saw Weight Watchers reformulate a number of recipes across its product range to meet a change in consumer tastes and requirements.

Research shows people are finding it far easier to find the product on shelf with only 5% of consumers having difficulty locating items, a decrease of 16%, and a 10% increase in intent to purchase with more than half of all consumers saying they would purchase the redesigned product.”

In October, to coincide with the packaging refresh, Weight Watchers is extending its range of chilled prepared meals with a number of limited edition products including Moroccan Chicken & Aromatic Rice (October), Vietnamese Curry & Sticky Rice (October) and High Protein Seeded Wraps with added British Quinoa (October).

Weight Watchers works with more than 20 licensees, across 30 different categories, who produce over 170 different products from chilled ready meals, yogurts, sausages, bacon, bread, wraps, pittas, biscuits and cakes. There are more than 65 Weight Watchers products available both in Weight Watchers meetings and through the Weight Watchers online shop, spanning from tools to get you started, keep you motivated and get you moving; to snacking, convenient cooking and flavour boosting options.