Westfield launches dining campaign: ‘The Food Sensation’


Westfield has announced its latest dining campaign, The Food Sensation at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City.The Food Sensation campaign aims to remind shoppers that Westfield is an experience destination in its own right, with a range of dining possibilities.

As part of The Food Sensation campaign, Westfield has partnered with sensory food consultants Condiment Junkie to createan immersive, taste explosion pop-up experience called Tongue Twister.

Through interactive experiments hosted live in Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London, Tongue Twister will demonstrate to visitors how their sense of taste is profoundly influenced by what they see, hear and smell. Travelling through a Willy Wonka-esque environment, visitors will be immersed in four zoned areas that will stimulate the tastebuds. If apple juice is purple does it change your taste perception? What happens when you eat an orange jelly belly whilst simultaneously smelling bacon?

The Westfield Tongue Twister aims to fascinate and entertain shoppers with the sensory possibilities that food can offer. Each sense area will have attentive technicians looking after a group of ten people. At the end of the 12-minute experience guests will be signposted towards the 60 plus dining venues on offer within the centre.

Myf Ryan, Westfield’s director of marketing UK & Europe, said: “Our food culture has shifted from passive to active and consumers are looking for an experience when they dine. We are really excited to be working with Condiment Junkie on Tongue Twister to curate a sensory food experience that builds on Westfield’s existing offer to awaken and challenge our customers’ senses. Understanding how different environments and surrounding factors impact on our dining experience is such an interesting area of study and we are excited to invite our customers to take part in these sensory experiments to find out more.”

The Tongue Twister pop-up will be live alternately in Westfield Stratford City and Westfield London across the last two weekends in February. The entire campaign will be live for six weeks from 19 January.

The experiential activity is supported by in-centre and OOH creative using strong food imagery.