Whisky Shop flagship sells £150,000 Chivas Brothers’ Tribute to Honour whisky

£150,000 whisky on display in London

£150,000 whisky on display in London

One of the world’s most expensive and exclusive whiskies is now available from The Whisky Shop’s flagship Piccadilly store for the first time.

Priced at £150,000, Tribute to Honour has been crafted by Royal Salute using the most exquisite, precious and scarce whiskies to pay homage to the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles: The Honours of Scotland.

Only 21 bottles have been released globally and each flagon of Royal Salute Tribute to Honour is individually numbered. One of these bottles will be kept in the Royal Salute Vault and bottle number 17 is currently displayed in the window of The Whisky Shop’s Piccadilly store.

Located across from The Ritz, the award winning flagship store is widely regarded by the industry as the leading specialist whisky retailer in the world and managing director, Andrew Torrance, is delighted it has been selected to stock the exclusive whisky from Royal Salute.

London flagship

London flagship

Torrance said: “The Whisky Shop is the first retail store in the UK to provide a dedicated platform for some of the world’s most exclusive whiskies and we are proud to be able to offer Tribute to Honour.

“Our premium flagship Piccadilly store was designed to be luxurious, accessible and educational to both whisky novices and connoisseurs alike and we have already had considerable interest in Tribute to Honour and the heritage and craftsmanship of this prestigious product.”

The master distiller and the creator of Tribute to Honour, Colin Scott, said: “Chivas Brothers has a phenomenal archive of high-aged whiskies, some of which, after decades of careful maturation, have acquired a rich intensity and deep concentration of sumptuous characters. It is these very few whiskies which I have personally selected to compose Tribute To Honour – this opulent and rarest of blends.”

The narrative of the Honours comprises glorious legends and intrigue and remains a powerful and inscrutable ode to Scottish history. Fittingly, only the finest aged whiskies – at least 45 years old – are presented in the spectacular Tribute To Honour bejewelled bottle, dressed by Garrard in flawless diamonds and shimmering gold.

As the world’s oldest jeweller to royalty, Garrard has embellished the Royal Salute Tribute to Honour black porcelain flagon with 413 flawless white and black diamonds. These exquisite jewels form the shape of the Sword of State: one of the trilogy of treasures that are The Honours of Scotland. Set in gold and silver, 22 carats of gemstone adorn the decorative collar and stunning flagon’s visage. Golden lions sit either side of the diamond encrusted sword, a symbol of valiancy and patriotism, of battles fought and won.

Over 300 craftsmen hours were dedicated to the manufacture of all silver and silver gilt elements, the cutting and setting of all gems, and the polishing of each individual bottle. The prestigious jeweller has served six successive British monarchs and pays tribute to the ancient Scottish Sword of State as its landmark.