Whittard of Chelsea and Alibaba confirm partnership to sell tea to China


Whittard of Chelsea has partnered with Alibaba to sell its range of fine tea, coffee and cocoa to the growing Chinese consumer market through Alibaba’s Tmall Global, one of the largest platforms for brands and retailers in China.

Whittard of Chelsea joined Tmall Global in July this year and the response from shoppers has been very positive. Chinese consumers are increasingly spending more on British products as they are seen to be of high quality and luxurious. Tmall Global supports this increasing demand by allowing Chinese customers to buy branded products from overseas without traveling abroad.

Mark Dunhill, managing director at Whittard of Chelsea, said: “We’re excited to partner with Alibaba and offer some of our quintessentially British products to the Chinese market. This move is an important step forward for us as we know that high quality European products are extremely popular with Chinese online shoppers. This has been demonstrated by the sales we have enjoyed since we joined the Alibaba’s Tmall Global, which have been well ahead of expectations.”

Amee Chande, managing director for Alibaba Group, UK/Ireland & Nordics, said: “We are very proud that Whittard of Chelsea will be using the Tmall Global platform to sell their iconic British tea, coffee and cocoa products directly to Chinese consumers. We’ll be working with them across the Alibaba ecosystem, through Tmall Global and Cainiao to manage deliveries and logistics. It’s great to be working with yet another classic British brand to expand into China and reach the millions of consumers who have a thirst for high-quality British products.”

Tmall Global currently hosts 7,700 brands from 53 countries and regions on its platform. It is increasingly used by a growing number of brands from the US, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with no bricks and mortar set up in China.

The platform recently held a high profile sales day on 8 August 2016, dubbed 8.8. The event focused on educating Chinese consumers about global brands not based in China. During the one-day campaign, Tmall Global featured more than 2,000 top products from overseas markets.