Why it works: network monitoring is brought into play at Hamleys with Ipswitch

Hamleys: using WhatsUp Gold solution

Hamleys: using WhatsUp Gold solution

Hamleys, one of the world’s best known toy retailers, has been providing services to global customers for more than 250 years – surviving two world wars and endless business transitions and transformations.

Hamleys’ London flagship store is considered one of the city’s major tourist attractions and is the world’s largest toy store, covering 54,000sq ft over seven floors. The chain also has other outlets in the UK and worldwide.

When Sunny Sandhu, IT infrastructure & support manager, first joined Hamleys he discovered that WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch had been purchased but wasn’t being used. He quickly had his team install the product and put it to good use.

“An IT team can’t afford to be reactive,” said Sandhu. “We need to be constantly aware of the status of our network and applications so we can pinpoint slowdowns, stoppages and other problems — and resolve them quickly.”

Hamleys: London flagship is a major tourist attraction and world's largest toy store

Hamleys: London flagship is a major tourist attraction and world’s largest toy store

Monitoring a dozen sites with a unified console

When Sandhu started to use WhatsUp Gold, he was happily surprised at the ease-of-use and the scalability of the product.

“I was able to easily configure scalability pollers, design our own maps, and differentiate different types of policies for various machines – all using the one console with no coding. WhatsUp Gold is a universal solution that allows me to monitor multiple vendors across multiple platforms,” he said.

Sandhu had worked with many network monitoring solutions in the past, most of which were developed for larger enterprises with sizable budgets. He said: “We have a modest IT team here at Hamleys, and WhatsUp Gold fits both our environment and our budget.”

At Hamleys, the IT team is stretched with multiple core duties so it is important to have one central place to see the status of every device on the network and get real-time alerts to proactively and quickly resolve performance problems.

“With WhatsUp Gold, we keep track of everything from one unified dashboard,” said Sandhu. To make sure the entire IT team has access to this information, Sandhu made the WhatsUp Gold dashboard the focus point on his wall of monitors, allowing them to keep watch over a dozen sites across the UK.

Solving problems that couldn’t be solved before

Improved service with network solution

Improved service with network solution

In the past the IT team was getting calls on a regular basis from business users saying they were being dropped off of the network but did not know why. With WhatsUp Gold, the team can run a trend analysis based upon performance metrics over a designated period of time, and identify the source of the problem. This has helped to resolve these types of problems and prevent future occurrences.

WhatsUp Gold helps Hamleys’ IT department deliver quality service to business users on the par of larger, more specialised team as they can be proactive in addressing and solving problems quickly. 

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