Working mums are the UK’s savviest shoppers, Westfield shopping centre study reveals


Seventy per cent of full-time working mothers in the UK can decide what to buy within three minutes of entering a store, according to the Westfield How We Shop Now survey.

It seems their well-honed decisiveness may be attributed to the fact working mothers were found to be the most prolific shoppers, visiting stores or researching shopping sites online on average of 4.5 days a week. In fact, 59% of working mums stated they would go shopping every day if they could. And it seems they know what they want to buy before they set-out, with 38% claiming each trip to be a ‘mission shop’ as opposed to mooching or window shopping and more than half of respondents claim to be confident in their sense of style and fashion.

Confirming women do spend more time and money on shopping than men, the survey went on to reveal their passion for fashion is has become an enjoyable pastime, with 87% of working mums claiming to enjoy the experience so much they are shopping in person at least 5-6 times a month, each spending £1,593 on clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery for themselves (53% above the national average).

Retail therapy rings true with full-time working mums, with 61% of respondents ranking shopping as the number one activity to cheer themselves up; reading a book ranking second and going to a restaurant and watching TV ranking equal third.

The new findings are from the Westfield How We Shop Now series, which is aimed at investigating the wants, needs and behaviours of UK shoppers.

Myf Ryan, Westfield marketing director – UK & Europe, said: “Despite living in a seemingly time-poor culture, full-time working mothers have topped our poll as the most frequent and decisive shopper. They are a valuable customer for retailers spending 53% over the national average.”

Other stats and facts on the shopping habits of full-time working mums:

  • 51% put a lot of time and effort into what they wear (vs. 39% of total population)
  • 59% shopping is a guilty pleasure
  • 74% love to show off their purchases to friends and family
  • 59% of their clothes purchases are made as a treat for themselves

The  top 10 favourite brands amongst full-time working mums:

Marks & Spencer
New Look
River Island