Yakult launches first AR experience to promote the Science of Wellbeing


Yakult is introducing its first-ever Augmented Reality experience, along with a social media campaign, to enhance the brand’s focus on the Science of Wellbeing, launched through an Out-of-Home activity earlier this year.

Passers-by are invited to ‘touch’ a Yakult bottle they see on screen to trigger a 30-second experience that involves a breathing exercise. This will help participants clear their minds, all with the purpose of promoting wellbeing through a mechanic rooted in science, as Yakult’s little bottles, and a creative execution that reinforces the brand’s Japanese heritage.

Yakult worked with Quiet Storm to develop the creative idea and with 3RockAR to produce the content used on the agency’s unique AR technology, which will be featured at Bluewater Shopping Centre on 1 and 2 of May, following a successful first activation at Waterloo Station. 

Yakult is also supporting the AR experience with a competition, offering a spa break for two via sampling with a card, whilst the brand’s social media will feature a variety of wellbeing tips for its followers.

The previous OOH activity focused on the Science of Wellbeing saw the brand promote science-based exercises on tube car panels and taxis around London. These included saying the alphabet backwards to focus the mind and increase happiness levels, and riddles providing brief distractions, proven to improve productivity.

Reshma Patel, marketing manager at Yakult, said: ‘The experience really helped bring to life the Science of Wellbeing and the creative ensured people engage with the brand at a much deeper level to create memorable moments. Ultimately, we want everyone to understand that Yakult is about science and when we talk about wellbeing and offer tips, we make sure it is all backed by science and it can be trusted.’