Zizzi: exclusive ruby chocolate hits the high street for the first time


Ruby chocolate available at Zizzi

An Italian restaurant chain, Zizzi, has become the first in the country to put Ruby Chocolate on its menu.

Chocoholics up and down the country not content with just dark, milk and white varieties can now sweeten their teeth with a unique fourth category of chocolate, available for the first time ever on the high street.

The new, naturally pink ruby chocolate, which was until recently only sold in bar form at luxury department stores, can soon be enjoyed as an exclusive dessert addition to the Zizzi restaurants Autumn menu. 

Those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth can enjoy this rare new chocolate taste experience thanks to a specially developed ruby chocolate cheesecake recipe that incorporates this luxury rosy pink treat. 

The completely new category of chocolate is still extremely difficult to come by, accounting for only around 0.01 per cent of all chocolate manufactured in the UK, making it the rarest chocolate available on the high street.