151 Products introduces Pirate and Princess cupcake sets to home bakeware range

New Princess Cupcake set

New Princess Cupcake set

151 Products – a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of quality, discount household items to the retail sector – is expanding its Queen of Cakes home bakeware range to include Pirate and Princess cupcake sets.

Sold separately, the two items each include 48 pieces, consisting of 24 cupcake cases and 24 decorative toppers, which have been created to meet the needs of retailers looking to boost their offerings in the family baking section. Designed in-house, the sets are ideal for children’s birthday parties and other family celebrations, due to their bright imagery and use of popular characters.

Steven Shonn, chairman of 151 Products, said: “We pride ourselves on reacting to trends and bringing in-demand products to market and we feel this new line does exactly that. The popularity for baking shows no sign of abating, so that, coupled with our research that revealed primary school-aged children identify with pirates and princesses, means that the range is expected to sell-through well.”

151 Products’ home baking category is reported to be performing exceptionally well, having experienced 100% growth in demand in 2013, compared with 2012, making it one of the company’s best-performing lines.

Following a timely rebrand of the range to ‘Queen of Cakes’ earlier this year, the product range has capitalised on the popularity of home baking after BBC sensation, The Great British Bake Off, became a huge success.

The company accredits Queen of Cakes with 15% of its total turnover for 2013, to July, which is high, particularly given 151 Products produces over 3,000 items under eight different categories.

As one of the leading suppliers of discount, fashionable home items, 151 Products said it has worked increasingly hard to meet the demand from retailers wanting to stock the product all over the UK. 

Shonn said: “The trend for home baking has skyrocketed throughout 2012 and 2013. The fact it has become our most popular product line this year confirms the need for businesses to monitor and jump on consumer trends if they are to benefit.

“Queen of Cakes also cleverly helps retailers to piggyback on the trend for making cupcakes and cake pops at home – both of which are the mainstay at cafés in the UK right now. This is heavily filtering through to become an at-home interest, as a knock-on effect of the catering industry.”

The 80-strong product range contains a selection of home baking materials, including: non-stick bakeware, both silicone and metal options, stands, utensils and accessories.