151 Products introduces Tumble Dryer Sheets under popular Fabrite laundry brand

New Tumble Dryer Sheets

New Tumble Dryer Sheets

151 Products – a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of quality, value household items – has developed its popular laundry sheet brand, Fabrite, with the launch of its new Tumble Dryer Sheets.

The Tumble Dryer Sheets have been introduced to the supplier’s Fabrite range of laundry care products, and follow the successful introduction of the innovative Fabrite washing powder sheets.

The new sheets simply go straight in to the dryer’s drum, on top of the load, where they infuse fragrance and enhance the overall softness of the laundry. The sheets have also been developed with an additional iron-easy formula to save time for busy shoppers.

Fabrite tumble dryer sheets’ compact packaging is ideal for retailers with limited shelf space, as they can be stacked and stocked neatly, making them suitable for convenience stores and grocery stores of various sizes, 151 Products said.

The new range is available to retailers in packs of 50 with two fragrance options – fresh linen, and jasmine and ylang ylang (RRP £1.49). Retailers will be able to stock the dryer sheets towards the end of the year.

Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, said: “The addition of the Tumble Dryer Sheets to the Fabrite range was a natural progression. The response from our original washing powder sheets was extremely positive, which is why our new product development team quickly adapted the idea of a sheet suitable for the drying processes.

“151 Products prides itself on making value-for-money ranges that are as good as the market leader – the new Fabrite Tumble Dryer Sheets are testament to this. We’re constantly innovating to create products that make everyday household tasks easier and meet the evolving demands of the retail sector.”