151 Products launches Fabrite washing powder sheets in laundry care range

New Fabrite washing powder sheets

New Fabrite washing powder sheets

151 Products, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of value household items, has launched washing powder sheets called Fabrite to its laundry care range.

The non-bio super concentrated formula washing powder sheets are said to be suitable for use in either a hot or cold wash, making them kinder to the environment and ideal for meeting the current demand for washing machine products that can perform at lower temperatures, according to 151 Products.

The Fabrite laundry sheets have been designed with the end-user and retailer firmly in mind, the company claims. For consumers, the sheets are quick and easy to use, with no measuring required – one sheet simply equals one wash. The small, rectangular sheets simply go straight in to the machine’s drum, on top of the load, and will dissolve completely in the wash.

Fabrite’s compact packaging is said to be ideal for retailers with limited shelf space, as they can be stacked and stocked neatly, making them suitable for convenience stores and grocery stores of all sizes.

The product is also eco-friendly, with 80% less packaging compared to traditional laundry liquids. 151 Products said it  developed this format to help retailers meet consumers’ expectations for more ecological items.

The new product is available to retailers in two pack sizes (and includes a promotional 20% extra free launch offer) 12 sheets, (£1.00 RRP) and 24 sheets (£1.99 RRP). It also comes in Fresh Linen or Lavender fragrances.

Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, said: “We’re constantly innovating to create products that make everyday household tasks easier and meet the evolving demands of the retail sector. The Fabrite non-bio washing powder sheets are the first items to carry the Fabrite name and we’re planning to expand the brand further in 2013. Thorough in-house testing shows that these new-formula laundry sheets are extremely effective, so we’re expecting there to be huge demand from the market.”