151 Products launches household cleaning trigger sprays under Duzzit brand

New Duzzit trigger sprays

New Duzzit trigger sprays

151 Products – a leading UK supplier of discount, household cleaning products – has launched a six-strong range of trigger sprays under its popular Duzzit brand.

Each of the sprays is reported to have been developed in-house with the price-conscious consumer in mind. The range benefits retailers and wholesalers looking for ‘me too’ products, that do the same job as higher priced products, but cost significantly less than leading brands, 151 Products claims. That means they can also enjoy a slice of the profitable home cleaning market, it adds.

At £1.49 (RRP), the new Duzzit trigger sprays offer a competitive price point which, combined with the stylish branding means the range, has great shelf appeal for supermarkets, discount stores and independent retailers, 151 Products said.

The six 750ml bottles included in the collection each have different purposes, including three trigger sprays for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, one for glassware and another for use around the entire home. For the kitchen, Duzzit Antibacterial Cleaner claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria, leaving surfaces hygienically clean with a pleasant lemon-fresh scent – all without the use of bleach.

Also in the kitchen spray range are the Multi-purpose Cleaner – a fast-acting surface, sink and table grease-removing product – and the Disinfectant Cleaner. This helps defend against MRSA, Salmonella and E.Coli to quickly kill 99.9% of bacteria and ensure surfaces are safe for all the family, said 151 Products.

The new Bathroom Cleaner in the range can be used on baths, basins, showers and tiles to remove limescale, while leaving behind a fresh scent.

In addition, the collection also includes a money-saving spray for use around the entire home – Duzzit 4all – that kills bacteria and removes grease and grime easily, while the grapefruit fragrance offers a pleasant citrus aroma.

The sixth and final product in the range is Glass Cleaner, which can be used on glass furniture, windows and mirrors. It provides a streak-free finish every time, it’s easy to apply and wipes away with a dry cloth.

Richard Shonn, managing director, at 151 Products, said: “This range has been specially developed with retailers and wholesalers in mind, to ensure they are able to offer excellent anti-bacterial trigger sprays at an affordable price point. The ingredients have been carefully selected and combined to create effective products that combat household germs and grime with ease.

“We test each and every product in-house to ensure it does exactly what it promises, so much so that we firmly believe this range is as good as, if not better, than its more expensive competitors.”

The Duzzit range of trigger sprays is available in 12 packs.