151 Products targets back-to-school and lunch market with foil sheets and tubs

New foil sheets in Sealapack range

New foil sheets in Sealapack range

151 Products – a leading UK supplier of discount, quality household items – has developed and launched two lunchbox products suitable for the back-to-school and desk-side lunch shopping market.

Pop-up foil sheets and reusable food tubs, with separator compartments, have both been added to 151 Products’ popular plastic and foil range – Sealapack – which has remained a firm favourite with retailers for more than 10 years.

The new plastic and foil products are also suitable for retailers to stock following demand from consumers who are embracing the ‘al-desco’ trend of eating lunch at their desks at work.

Developed by 151 Products’ innovative product development team, the pop-up foil sheets require no tearing and are individually pre-cut for ease-of-use. The sheets have been precisely measured (35cm x 27cm) to provide a tight seal and discourage waste.

Sealapack pop-up foil sheets are available in packs of 20 (RRP £1.49) and are conveniently stored in a cardboard box with a perforated strip to dispense. Retailers are able to stock the new range now.

New lunchbox designs have also been added to Sealapack’s reusable tub range. Plastic containers with additional compartments, to separate food types, will offer customers an easier and price-friendly way to keep food fresh until lunchtime.

The reusable tubs are freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, and are available for retailers to stock in packs of two, with a competitive RRP of £1.49.

Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, said: “The back-to-school lunchbox market is saturated with many disposal items that offer the same properties as each other. The new additions to the Sealapack range will allow retailers to offer customers low price alternatives to everyday products that are currently available in store.

“Retailers stocking a range of reusable food tubs can also take advantage of the increase in the number of workers taking homemade lunches to eat at their desks – widely becoming known as eating ‘al-desco’.

“We pride ourselves on developing discount quality products that provide simple solutions to everyday problems. The new ranges will enable retailers to capitalise on consumers’ busy lifestyles and price sensitive needs.”