IGD poll takes temperature of grocery delegates at 2014 Convention


IGD: need for inspiration

The IGD polled delegates at its 2014 Convention to win their views on a number of hot retail issues and topics. The majority views, presented below, highlight the sentiment among leading food and grocery companies:

Q: What has been the most disruptive influence in the last 20 years?

A: Discounters for 47% of delegates

Q: How has this year compared with expectations for your company?

A: Much tougher than anticipated for 30% of delegates

Q: Which of these factors is causing the biggest headaches?

A: The slow pace of consumer spending for 39% of delegates

Q: How advanced is your approach to multi-channel retailing?

A: Underway but lots more to do for 63% of delegates

Q: What is our collective success rate at launching breakthrough innovation over last three years?

A: One in 2,000 launches for 60% of delegates

Q: Will 3D printing disrupt food industry?

A: Can’t say yet for 53% of delegates

Q: Which of these forms of wearable computing will prove to be most popular?

A: Smart watches for 41% of delegates

Q: Where will 3D printing make its biggest mark?

A: Restaurants for 31% of delegates, not much impact for 30% of delegates, factories for 22% of delegates

Q: What is your company’s main way of coping with the explosion of data?

A: We’re all going to become part time data analysts for 32% of delegates

Q: Weighing up various disruptive technologies, do you think they present a threat or opportunity?

A: 25% threat and 75% opportunity for 41% of delegates