Feefo brings online and offline reviews closer together for retailers


Feefo, the global feedback engine, has expanded its product range to provide high street retailers with the ability to gather and share verified customer reviews.

Feedback experts Feefo has launched Feefo Places to provide retailers with a streamlined and consistent way to gather customer feedback from offline and online channels onto one single platform, from one single provider.

Over half – 57% – of consumers consult online reviews in-store before making a purchase, but until now many retailers’ reviews have not been representative of all sales channels. The use of different providers for different sales channels means reviews are spread onto various platforms, making it more difficult for customers to get a balanced view of a retailer. Using a mixture of methodologies has also made it more challenging to use feedback to drive action and identify meaningful trends.

Following a successful pilot with clients such as TM Lewin, Feefo Places has been developed to enable high street businesses to access the benefits of Feefo’s verified online service.

The in-store service can operate in any one of three methods: printing unique codes onto receipts or marketing collateral at the point of sale, which is then entered by consumers onto a branded landing page in order to leave feedback; sending sales data and accompanying email addresses to Feefo to then send a feedback request on behalf of the merchant; or by sending an electronic receipt to the customer, which includes an invitation to leave feedback.

Once submitted, reviews left in-store, online or mobile are instantly visible online, both on Feefo and the merchant website. The data is then fed to Google, and used to generated Star ratings in AdWords campaigns. Customers are therefore provided with feedback that is representative of a retailer’s whole channel mix and retailers are provided with multichannel insight that they can analyse and action.

Andrew Mabbutt, CEO of Feefo, said: “Knowing what your customers think of their shopping experience is invaluable, but bricks-and-mortar retailers are missing out on this by not asking for feedback from in-store purchases and also not engaging with customers post sale.

“Independent reviews can also have a huge impact on potential customers: Feefo Places gives customers the certainty they need in a retailer’s commitment to customer service and the chance to view a proven track record from genuine sales.”

Feefo Places also helps to bridge the customer experience gap between online and in-store sales. Requesting feedback provides retailers with the chance to engage with customers post sale, without relying on them re-visiting the store. It also guarantees that customers receive the same post sale treatment, regardless of channel.

Feefo is a Google Licensed Content Partner, which means that reviews can generate stars in Google AdWords campaigns. All customer feedback collated by Feefo can also be traced back to individual transactions and are published instantly without modification.

Case study: TM Lewin

In 2013 TM Lewin chose Feefo to provide them with a feedback solution suitable for in-store, online or mobile devices. The solution its customers unprecedented access to reviews from across TM Lewin’s sales channels, and  gave TM Lewin a single reporting platform to collate insight from across its customer base and channel mix, and provided, each traceable back to an individual transaction, giving them a truly representative view of service and insight for product improvement.

In-store codes and email links take the verified customer to the same review portal, giving all customers the same after-sale feedback experience. “Judging our use of Feefo, we can correlate high customer service with better customer retention, higher average sale value and increased footfall through our increased online promotion.” – John Mihill, operations manager, TM Lewin.