31DOVER.com launches the UK’s first and only data-led wine subscription service


Retailer 31Dover.com

Leading online drinks retailer 31Dover.com today announces the launch of their new wine subscription service, Clara Wine – the UK’s first wine subscription service to utilise data-led technology to ensure customers only receive wines that closely match their tastes and preferences.

New visitors to the site simply fill out a short quiz designed by master of wine, Carmel Kilcline to explore the world of flavour, aroma and taste. These results are then processed using a unique algorithm which places customers into one of twelve  distinct  ‘wine tribes’  which help determine their final wine selection – choosing wine has never been easier!

Drawing data from more than 72 million reviews, ratings and recommendations, Clara Wine guarantees that every bottle of wine will be a five star experience.

A monthly subscription box from Clara Wine will cost just £39.99 and includes three personally selected bottles each month. And with 1000s of the world’s finest wineries and vineyards to choose from, Clara customers can expect anything from effervescent English sparkling, to spicy Australian Shiraz in their box – and everything in-between!

If subscribers don’t like their selection, Clara will send out a replacement order that better suits customers tastes and if they are still not satisfied, they will receive a full money-back guarantee. Simple.

James Bagley, CEO, 31Dover.com, said: “The last thing you probably thought the UK needed was another wine subscription service! But Clara Wines isn’t just another wine subscription service…

“For many people choosing a bottle of wine is a bit like entering the lottery – confusing, costly, and ultimately disappointing. With Clara Wine people can provide their individual preferences and our unique technology takes all the nasty guess work out.

“This is particularly useful for the millennial market who are increasingly interested in wine, but often are put off buying due to a lack of knowledge to make an informed choice. Buying wine based on price will often not match their preference and naturally causes disappointment.

“For less experienced wine-lovers, this is a revolutionary way of buying wine and we expect a strong take up for people’s personal wine drinking needs, or as a great gift.”