NPD Group identifies five ingredients for foodservice success in 2015

The NPD Group has identified five ingredients for foodservice success in 2015  

1.     Goodbye blind loyalty – choice and innovation breeding increased promiscuity

Consumers increasingly spoilt for choice will demand more if they’re to stay loyal.

Winners in 2015 will present attention-grabbing new food/drink items, backed up by enhanced customer experience, technology, and increased and differentiating marketing activity.

2.     Squeezed middle – the new appetite is for clarity of offering, with value and/or premiumisation

Consumers will search out nimble operators with a clear ‘mission-oriented’ offering.

Winners in 2015 will focus on efficient and creative price and menu architecture; providing value for money and the opportunity to premiumise or trade-up – communicating this clearly to consumers.

3.     Authenticity, freshness and transparency – communicating provenance and preparation

Consumers will be wary of ‘black box’ food, where preparation or provenance are hidden – consumers will want more transparency.

Winners in 2015 will go back to basics, offering fresh and authentic quality ingredients, effectively communicating these attractive attributes to consumers, and opening up food prep areas where possible.

4.     Healthy Indulgence – the new ‘treat’

Consumers will increasingly no longer view ‘treating’ as just meaning processed and unhealthy food.

Winners in 2015 will offer their customers the opportunity to treat themselves with new tastes and flavours from a wider range of fresh, natural and healthy cuisines.

5.     Niche cuisine goes mainstream – ‘newness’ and street food over traditional fare

Consumers will look for new tastes, flavours, and foods, especially in large urban areas.
Winners in 2015 will recognise the strong growth of fast casual dining and street food as a clear sign that consumers are willing to experiment with non-traditional food – if presented well.