Click and Collect surges across delivery sector in 2015, Doddle reports


Doddle has released its performance highlights over the 2015 peak trading period:

  • Total parcel collection volumes experienced 1217% growth on the same period in 2014
  • Total parcel volume for 2015 peaked at over 415,000
  • Store footprint during this time has increased from 26 stores (as at 31 December 2014) to 45 stores (as at 31 December 2015)
  • Total parcel volumes peaked on Monday 21 December
  • During Doddle’s busiest trading hours, a customer collected a parcel from a Doddle store every four seconds
  • Volumes for items being returned peaked on Monday 4 January, 140% higher compared to an average trading day in September
  • Strong membership growth continued over the peak growing 53% between October and January from 85,000 to 130,000

Click and collect surged during the peak trading period

Doddle CEO Tim Robinson, said: “In line with what we have seen from some of the major multi-channel retailer results this week, click and collect significantly outperformed the wider delivery market during peak. Doddle’s click and collect growth tracked 241% higher than the wider parcel market in Q4 2015 as measured against the Metapack Peak Profile Index. During Doddle’s busiest hours, a customer collected a parcel from a Doddle store every four seconds.”

The penetration of click and collect has more than doubled since 2010, averaging 23% in 2015 according to IMRG’s Q3 Benchmarking Report. To further highlight this trend, John Lewis’ Christmas results show half of online orders were fulfilled via click and collect, suggesting customer demand over peak trading for click and collect was much higher.

“John Lewis has long proved itself as the industry leader for in-store click and collect and the 16% growth of click and collect orders reinforces this. With 35% of all John Lewis online orders collected from a Waitrose store, it’s also clear consumers value a range of convenient locations to pick up online orders, not just high street store locations,” Robinson said.

Consumers trusting click and collect to avoid delivery failures on last minute orders

As shown in Figure 1, Doddle’s click and collect volumes peaked on Monday 21 December, 15 days later than the parcel market.

“As more convenient choices become available, customers are choosing the most convenient options available to them. We believe the later peak in our own volumes is the result of consumers’ growing trust in click and collect services to mitigate the risk of missed home deliveries.

“If consumers believe click and collect to be a more reliable delivery option, they will continue to shop until the last minute with greater confidence their order will be delivered the first time and therefore, on time,” said Robinson.














Source: Doddle and Metapack Peak Profile Index

2016: an omni-channel battle to balance speed and sustainability

“We believe retailers will continue to fight it out in 2016 to differentiate their offerings and provide the ultimate in convenience to their customers.

“The shift to click and collect as a preferred delivery choice this Christmas highlights the consumer demand for convenient alternatives to home delivery. The significant consolidation benefit of click and collect will be one way omni-channel retailers overcome the speed and sustainability challenges of on-demand services in 2016,” Robinson said.