Future Stores 2016 to explore how physical stores will survive and thrive in future


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Reports of the death of the physical store have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, a recent study found that more than half of shoppers expect more from a store’s look and design than they did five years ago.

Precisely how the physical retail store will survive and thrive in future is the subject of Future Stores 2016 – a major gathering of in-store experience innovators from some of Europe’s most progressive retailers.

Despite e-commerce hogging the spotlight in recent years, the art of the retail store is enjoying something of a renaissance. In fact, for those who are able to do it well, enticing, thoughtfully designed stores have become a powerful brand differentiator.

Despite the wealth of digital devices at the fingertips of today’s modern shopper, there remains an enduring desire for faultlessly finished bricks-and-mortar stores – places for shoppers to enjoy truly memorable, multi-sensory shopping experiences which are impossible to replicate online.

As a result we now see online-only retailers moving into the physical retail space. Etsy opening a test concession in Selfridges, and talk of Amazon opening a physical store are excellent examples of this.

However, there is no doubt that the consolidation of the high street is not yet over. Retailers are looking to discover the paradigm which will dominate high street retail for years to come.

At Future Stores 2016, we’re drawing insights from top retailers on how they are innovating in technology, driving footfall, harnessing the power of in-store data, and revolutionising the way we pay.

In-store payments innovation
Payments are a big issue for in-store innovators in 2016, and there is an entire day dedicated to it Future Stores 2016.

There has been a proliferation of payment methods over recent years – the sheer volume makes it very difficult for retailers to decide which to invest in. On top of this, many retailers are struggling with legacy systems which are hampering their ability to foster meaningful innovation in regards to in-store payments.

Dive into the discussion with leading retailers and hand-picked payments experts to discover the solution which best suits your business.

Achieving customer centricity
From the shopping mall to the independent outlet, the customer relationship is evolving. The question on everyone’s lips is how to make their store feel as if it revolves around the individual customer, matching their expectations and fulfilling their desires.


Durbridge: data analytics can help to meet the needs of customers

Durbridge: data analytics can help to meet the needs of customers

Meet Michael Durbridge, director of omni-channel at B&Q, at Future Stores 2016 as he dives into how data analytics can help to meet the needs of your customers as they walk around your store. Alternatively, hear the director of digital and flagship stores at Adidas, Worth Darling, talk about what they learned while implementing the ‘endless aisle’ and how it can benefit your store.

Balancing human vs. technological interactions
Although the successful retail store of the future will undoubtedly contain its fair share of technology, how can retailers make sure that the technology is adding value to the customer journey, and is not distracting from it.

Join Chloe Kerner, multi channel manager at Debenhams, as she shows how to balance technology and human interaction in-store without alienating your customer.

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