Max Factor launches interactive cosmetics in partnership with visual browser, Blippar

Blippar – a leading visual browser – and Max Factor – a top global colour cosmetics brand – claim to have revolutionised the world of cosmetics and the retail sector.

Now every one of Max Factor’ products is interactive, almost 500 SKUs in total. And, each item comes with a wealth of curated content specially tailored to the product in hand. The experience was built with the insight that women are increasingly using their mobiles at point of purchase to validate their choices. Smartphones are the number one source of online beauty research, and increasingly this is happening in store.

“Studies show 70% of women research online before buying beauty products in-store, however 90% of purchases still happen offline. That means there is a huge opportunity to bring the richness of the digital world to the store,’” says Mikela Eskenazi, senior brand partner at Blippar.

How does the experience make the shopper’s life simpler?

Consumers simply download the free Blippar app, then scan the product or barcode. On launch, curated content – including before/after pictures, reviews and ratings from eRetailer websites, diagnostic tools, colour palettes, ‘Buy it now’ capabilities and make-up tips from Max Factor’s make-up artists – are at a consumer’s fingertips.

“Max Factor – the make-up artist of Hollywood, started over the 20th century. He believed in putting the power of make-up artistry in every woman’s hands. In the digital age, we’ve completed his vision. Over time, this experience will become personalised – tailored for every woman, so she can shop smarter and make easier beauty choices. Replenishing products will also become a one-click process,” says Laure Murciano, global brand manager for Max Factor. “With Blippar, our entire brand itself comes to life.”

Why is it revolutionary for the retail sector?

At the point of purchase, women will be able to see unbiased ratings and reviews from eRetailers – key in their decision-making process – plus, because the app shows the user’s location, they can also download offers and vouchers. Retailers will be able to market to women through their smartphones in-store, depending on the exact products they’re browsing.

Research shows the more consumers understand products and how they enhance their looks, the more likely they are to buy. “With perfectly targeted content, we’ll drive a strong preference for Max Factor, increasing customer loyalty. Our beauty consultants have welcomed the tool – they say it is a great conversation starter, sales tool and ‘added extra’ now with the products,” says Murciano.

“Right now, the products are interactive, but in fact, beyond the products the whole store will become a touch-point. And, we can create an end-to-end experience across the shopper journey from print to shop windows, in-store wobblers and beyond. As visual browsing becomes an everyday behaviour, Blippar will become the ultimate shopper platform, where all brands will have a presence reducing the need for their own branded apps. This is the vision– and Max Factor is the first innovator to carve out the future at this scale,” says Eskenazi.

“I’m proud to be the first brand to switch on all our entire product portfolio and many of our in-store touch-points,” says Murciano. “This is ground-breaking not only for the category, but for the whole shopper experience. We have started a revolution.”