7 For All Mankind Europe increases conversion rates with True Fit personalisation platform


Premium denim brand, 7 For All Mankind EU, has increased online conversion rates since implementing data-driven, fashion personalisation platform True Fit on its e-commerce site.

7 For All Mankind: increased conversion rate

7 For All Mankind is the originator of premium American denim.  It has gained global popularity due to its innovative use of fabrics, fits and finishes in denim.  The brand has become a household staple for the premium market and celebrities. 

In order to improve customer experience, by addressing online shoppers’ fit concerns, and gain a better understanding of customers through data collection and analysis, 7 For All Mankind EU decided to personalise the online shopper experience for new and existing customers.

As the retail industry evolves to focus on customer-centricity and deliver truly personal shopping experiences, 7 For All Mankind EU found that understanding its shoppers and providing the best experiences for each of them had become essential in driving conversions.  With diverse markets in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands, the brand faced the challenge of appealing to every shopper’s individual needs across differing locales.

In order to meet these challenges, 7 For all Mankind EU was looking for a partner to help it understand shoppers across regions, to communicate new features to these shoppers and help recreate the in-store experience, online. 

True Fit is the only true personalisation platform for apparel and footwear brands and retailers, solving the needs unique to the fashion vertical around personalisation, targeting and merchandising analytics.

By utilising True Fit solutions, the brand gained a multi-dimensional view of shoppers from an internal and external perspective. By implementing True Insight, 7 For All Mankind could access insights within its shopper base and across an entire connected network of 250+ retailers and 17,000 brands.  This enabled 7 For All Mankind EU to gain the most accurate picture of some specific traits of their shoppers across the regions, quickly and easily

The partnership allows 7 For All Mankind EU to make online service as frictionless as possible.  With True Fit, 7 For All Mankind EU can harness industry-wide data to power the same style, size and fit relevance that their shoppers get in-store.  Shoppers across the UK and Europe can shop online with confidence, as True Fit’s personalised recommendations help communicate to the shopper how the garment fits and which size will match their unique preferences. 

Since the partnership, 7 For All Mankind UK has found on average True Fit users on the site check out three times more often than non-True Fit users.

The results also show how shopper behaviours differ across each locale, allowing the brand to pivot its strategy based on the behaviour of shoppers across all regions. 7 For All Mankind EU also benefits from the “feedback loop” – the more shoppers that shop using True Fit, the more information is communicated back to the retailer, which they can then use to guide future decisions and processes. 

Enrico Fantaguzzi, senior manager, e-commerce at 7 For All Mankind, commented: “By gaining a deeper understanding of our shoppers, we are able to tailor the offer and optimise the sales, like offering specific combinations of fit and fabric for specific markets, so our customers can shop with confidence and find the products that they will love and keep.”

Jessica Murphy, co-founder and chief customer officer at True Fit, said: “Successful retailers like 7 For All Mankind understand the importance of placing data-driven personalisation at the heart of their customer strategy.  Our mission at True Fit is to instil consumer confidence and loyalty and we are excited to partner with 7 For All Mankind on this shared objective. We look forward to working with 7 For All Mankind as they continue to deliver delight to their diverse customer base at every point on the digital shopping journey.”