7DayShop Implements Social Proof SmartBlock from Fresh Relevance


Fresh Relevance, the real-time engagement marketing company, today announced that  7dayshop has implemented its new Social Proof SmartBlock to increase consumer confidence and in turn drive sales. The online retailer of photography, digital and computer products is using Social Proof to provide visitors with insight in to what products customers have recently bought and what is being purchased on the site at that moment.

The implementation of Social Proof at 7dayshop was successfully rolled-out and completed by Fresh Relevance on the same day it was launched. Sam du Feu from the IT and Marketing team at 7dayshop comments: “We chose to include the Social Proof SmartBlock on our homepage feeds to give new visitors and existing customers even greater confidence in the products that they are buying, have seen and heard about on third party sites, or are simply browsing.” He adds: “Reviews can help make a decision, but confidence is key to online shopping – especially if you’re only just nurturing yourself away from Amazon or eBay!”

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, said: “We have been helping 7dayshop with their cart abandonment and personalisation strategy, and now with our Social Proof SmartBlock we are excited to be delivering new dynamic content, which will really help them to improve the customer experience and boost sales.”

The Fresh Relevance Social Proof SmartBlock enables online retailers to share with shoppers real-time statistics, showing what products and services have been recently viewed and/or purchased. It can easily integrated with existing e-commerce sites and can also be embedded within email newsletters, offers and cart and browse abandonment emails. Other real-time SmartBlocks available from Fresh Relevance include Countdown Timers, Web Crop (website content for use in email marketing) and Twitter integration.