A fifth of shoppers would rather have beacons direct them around a store than a shop assistant, Conjure finds

New mobile, handheld computer helps retail staff manage inventory

Beacon technology can direct shoppers around a store and alert them to offers

First it was self-checkout, now beacon technology is threatening to replace store based staff, according to a study by Conjure on the use of beacons in retail.

Conjure found nearly a fifth (18%) of shoppers said that they would rather have beacons direct them around a shop than have to rely on a shop assistant.

Further, 15% of respondents said they would appreciate beacons which deliver alerts or deals to their smartphones as they walk around a shop; while the same number of respondents said that they would appreciate beacons being used to help them pay more conveniently in shops.

Conjure’s consumer research into beacons, tiny transmitters which can send information and offers to smartphones, also found 15% of consumers would rather have beacons send them marketing promotions in context than just have those promotions be regularly sent to them by brands via email/through their apps. Over a fifth, 21%, would like to use the technology for faster check in at the airport; while 13% would favour beacons that allow them to get marketing notifications relevant to their location.

Conjure’s study follows earlier research by Worldpay into new payment technologies. It found one third of shoppers regularly use self-checkout and one in five favour self service kiosks in order to avoid speaking to store staff.