A fresh punnet of apple strawberry juice

The eagerly anticipated arrival of ‘hot’ days PLUS growing numbers of enthusiast joggers pounding the pavements, provides some of the surest signs yet that Summer is almost upon us. What better time to pop into your local Waitrose to trial the latest member of their expanding Made in Britain collection.

This June sees Coldpress return to its ‘best-in-class’ apple juice roots, which we’ve lovingly coupled with fragrant strawberries and the gentlest whisp of elderberry juice.

According to Coldpress founder Andrew Gibb, ‘this Summer we felt it was only fitting to create a delicate, quintessentially British, apple-themed drink to celebrate our proud, Made in Britain (Wales) roots with such a vocal champion of home-grown brands.’

Coldpress is also pleased to welcome Ellie Rose to its growing ranks, an ex-communications manager from Bounce Foods and a kindred ‘everyday, healthy living’ spirit, who’ll lead a significant step change in ambitious marketing initiatives.