A taste of the Caribbean to the UK – introducing Island Light

Island Light is an upcoming small business based in Leeds that produces homemade Rum creams, also known as  ‘Kremas. Kremas is a cream base cocktail that originates from Haiti. Developed by 24 year old Stanika Lightbourne, who was born and raised on Turks & Caicos Island and influenced by her Haitian mother, Island Light rums creams are an authentic, refreshing, tropical taste of the Caribbean. 

Growing up in Turks & Caicos where Christianity was the anchor,  Haitian kremas were the only acceptable alcohol-lace beverage allowed during the holidays. Stanika is now excited to bring this exciting new flavour to the UK – with all the  Haitian traditions, customs and party vibes still apparent. 

Stanika makes Island Light Rum creams with real fruit, and hand makes them in small batches in her own home. She always makes sure to use the best, freshest ingredients that are in season, meaning it’s always fresh, and always ready to enjoy no matter what time of year. 

Stanika started developing the rum creams after feeling homesick during lockdown, not being able to return home to her family. As a business student at University of Huddersfield, Stanika applied her knowledge to creating Island Light and has single handedly managed the production line, supply chains, manufacturing, shipping and marketing – in between her studies. 

She started selling the rum creams to friends last summer, reusing old rum bottles, with  her partner as the official taste tester. They became so successful that she launched her first commercial batch in November last year, and has since launched her website and built an engaged online presence. 

“My heritage is incredibly important to me, and I have always been heavily influenced by both my parents, and my experience growing up in the Caribbean. It originally started with wanting to share a little taste of my home country with my friends in the UK after feeling homesick, but I never expected it would become a full fledged business. It has been challenging juggling Island Light with my business studies, but I’m so excited by the responses I have received and the plans we are making. Turks & Caicos is such an exciting island, and it’s a pleasure to bring a little of its magic to the masses,” Stanika Lightbourne, founder and creator of Island Light. 

Island Light comes in two bottled flavours (which won’t stay bottled for long!) – Coconut Rum Cream and Passion Fruit Rum Cream, with vegan options available. As well as bottles, pouches are also available, which are ideal for all those festivals, freedom parties and travels coming up! 

The bottles are £23.00 and the pouches are £8.00, and are all available for purchase at