A third of decision makers looking for a career change in 2013, survey finds


Almost one third (31%) of UK business decision makers are looking for a career change in 2013, according to a survey by career advisors, AGM Transitions.

The prospect of more money is the main driver for a career change (37%), while 18% are looking for a different challenge, researchers found. However, in the current economic climate only 37% of respondents are confident about securing a new role. 

The research also found 50% of respondents would use job websites when looking for a new role, followed by newspaper adverts (33%), existing business contacts (31%), head-hunters/recruiters (29%), friends (29%) and family (26%). However, despite social media increasingly being used for business networking and research purposes, 67% still do not use social media to promote or market themselves in the industry.  

Finding the right opportunity was the most daunting aspect of changing jobs (40%), followed by the fear of change (23%) and pulling a CV together (22%), the study showed. Yet despite the challenges associated with finding a new job only 13% plan to use a career consultant to get advice and prepare themselves for the job market. This finding is even more surprising given 39% of respondents admit they would have a chosen a different career path had they received better career counselling previously.   

Stephen Mansbridge, executive director & co-founder at AGM Transitions, said: “No matter what stage of your career you have reached the prospect of changing jobs is unnerving. It can be a very stressful, lengthy process which is often led by self-evaluation and no real understanding of what options are available – it can be completely confusing, and for those higher up the corporate ladder they will often feel they have further to fall.”

“The research highlights many UK business decision makers will be looking to move jobs this year, yet a significant number are not confident of finding the right opportunity and many job hunters will simply not prepare themselves in the right way before going to market. This is where a strategic career advisor can make a real difference to someone’s job prospects, enabling them to fully understand their core strengths and be fully equipped to take the next step in their career path.”

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