ACS: registration scheme for alcohol wholesalers will play vital role in tackling fraud


The Chancellor has announced that there will be a new registration scheme for alcohol wholesalers as a way of tackling alcohol fraud. The register will be run by HM Revenue and Customs, and will take effect in 2016.

From 2014, alcohol retailers will be required to take ‘reasonable steps to ensure that their suppliers and customers are legitimate’.

Association of Convenience Stores chief cxecutive James Lowman said: “The trade in non-duty paid alcohol is blighting communities throughout the country, which has been made possible by a gaping hole in the regulation of the supply chain. Registration of wholesalers has a vital role to play in shutting this down.

“We will work closely with Government to make the registration scheme work, and continue to press for more action to close down the businesses trading in direct competition with honest retailers.”

ACS has worked closely with HMRC on the creation of the register for alcohol wholesalers. For detailed guidance for retailers on preventing duty fraud in store, please contact ACS.