Action enhances Symphony RetailAI warehouse replenishment and supplier collaboration

 Symphony RetailAI, a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated AI-powered merchandising, marketing and supply chain solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers, today announced a deepening relationship with Action, Europe’s fastest-growing non-food discounter. Based on results from trial phases that yielded compelling business results, Action is applying Symphony RetailAI across the enterprise for optimal allocations and promotions.

“The powerful results we achieved in initial rollout phases give us the confidence that Symphony RetailAI enterprise-level automation and intelligence will enable us to scale effectively amid our continued rapid growth,” said Jack Eijkman, supply chain program manager, Action. “In addition to addressing new functional areas like allocations and promotions, we will be using Symphony RetailAI Insights for internal visibility and to share forecasting information with our vendors. This deeper level of collaboration with suppliers will help us successfully navigate continued supply chain challenges.”

“Growth-oriented retailers like Action succeed by innovating and leveraging integrated, AI-powered solutions that scale with the business,” said Chris Koziol, CEO of Symphony RetailAI. “We are pleased to extend the relationship with Action to deepen their data-driven capabilities in promotions, allocation and supplier collaboration to increase automation, better serve their growing customer base and drive measurable business impact.”