Ads with behavioural nudges boost sales of grub bars made with crickets at Planet Organic


Advertising with messages designed to provoke a change in behaviour has boosted sales of a snack bar made with crickets at Planet Organic stores in London.

The campaign for the snack bar brand Eat Grub was orchestrated by the out-of-home advertising specialist, Kinetic UK and involved Ogilvy Change, the specialist behavioural economics practice within global advertising and marketing agency, Ogilvy Group, and the out-of-home media company, JCDecaux.

The six-week campaign ran from 12 September to 23 October in six Planet Organic stores. It included a mix of rational advertising creatives, providing factual product information about the Eat Grub bars and creatives with behavioural nudges about the product. Some stores also had no advertisements.

Rational advertisement

Behavioural nudge advertisement

In stores where the behavioural nudge advertisements were deployed, Planet Organic sold 148 bars, 270% more than in those stores that used rational ads, where 48 bars were sold. In the stores where there were no advertisements, Planet Organic sold 23 Eat Grub bars.

According to Kinetic, the campaign supports the notion that people have two distinct sides to the brain – an idea put forward by the psychologist Daniel Kahneman: System 1, which is all about instinct – quick, easy, and unconscious decisions, made in less than half a second; and System 2, the reflective part of the brain, dealing with rational, controlled decisions.

Consumers in the stores displaying behaviour nudge advertisements used the System 1 side of the brain, whereas those in the stores with rational advertisements used System 2, Kinetic said.